Personalized Pet Pillow

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Dear pet parents,

We can create a custom one-of-a-kind pillow for your pet based on your favorite photo of him/her. Our personalized pillows are fun to look at, soft to the touch, and allow you to bring them anywhere and cuddle with them whenever you want! The pillows are manufactured using stretch cotton & invisible zippers, washable, and stays puffy. We offer 4 sizes, each with two options - a full-body portrait or a big headshot! Please select the correct option during checkout as we will not be able to make changes once production starts.

The current production time is 3-5 business days (1-2 weeks shipping). Each pillow is custom-made to order and fabricated with the highest quality materials. Please make sure to upload one HD photo of your pet during checkout! Our staff will review each first article pillow sample to ensure that your image is accurately captured on the pillow before we release it for shipping.

HD Photo Instructions

We require a clear picture of your pet to make the best pillow. Great images are those that do not get too grainy when enlarged on a computer screen (not a cellphone). Unclear images will result in pixelation when scaled and printed.