About Us

Pawstive Pets is a company founded by a young group of passionate entrepreneurs. We are united because of the same love for our own pets. We combined our knowledge on intellectual technology and our passion for pets, aiming to bring every pet in this world a better life.

We treat all pets as individuals, babies, family members. We care about their health just like we care about our own health and all pets deserve this much care. Unlike others, we not only pay attention to our pets’ physical health but also care a lot about the mental health of our pets. 

After talking to more and more pets parents, we found out people often forget to feed their pets, so do us. We couldn’t bear the frustration to forget to feed our child even though it’s not intentional. Irregular diet truly hurts pets’ health, physically and mentally. Our goal is to bring the most convenient product to prevent this type of thing happen again.

Furthermore, hoping to create more value for this warm community, we donate a portion of our profit from every purchase you made. With your support, we are able to contribute more to the pet’s community and design more amazing products that help to protect pets’ health.

We love pets, and we hope we can stay strong and pawstive!