She loves her new bed that we got from Pawstive. It took a little time for her to warm up it. New things tend to spook my one-eyed kitty. Washing it helps if your cat is reluctant, and I must say it washes great and dries super fluffy. She uses the bed regularly. She's in it right now!

Lisa K.

The store is set up well and easy to navigate. The employees are always helpful and considerate. The choice of pee pad for dogs is incredible and they also carry a free e-book that is excellent. There is a large selection of cat products too. Neat!

Adam M.

I love Pawstive. I started buying my 8 week old puppy pee pads here and getting all the supplies I needed with a simple click of mouse. Not only have they been helpful they always deliver anything heavy for free I may have to my car for me.

Susan A.